Monday, August 27, 2012

Well hello there....

Well hello there loving and adoring fans. It’s been a while since we’ve spoken and much has happened.

  • I’ve moved twice physically
  • I’ve moved on emotionally
  • I had a brief period of lameness
  • I remembered how to be awesome again
  • And it’s time to catch you up!

Inspired by McD herself, this summer has been the summer of YES! The motto has been “Why not?” and this has resulted in so much awesome, that we have upgraded ourselves to Professionals on the Fun Havers Scale.

So Whatcha Been Up To?

There’s been a minor cast of characters update... Merlin and I had a fabulous two years but unfortunately we were just heading in different directions so we wished each other the best and moved on. 

In the mean time, there’s been some awesome new additions! I can’t wait for you to meet them in the upcoming posts!! Janz is one of my newest favs. You’re going to love her! (haven’t told her she’s got a cameo coming up.... Hi Janz! Hope you don’t mind you’re awesomeness being broadcast for all of the inter-webs to read.)

So far this summer has involved...
  • A trip to Denver to meet my first niece!! (she’s SO much cuter than your niece)
  • A bonfire and a boat ride with the Zoo Crew and friends (boats are my happy place for sure!)
  • A weekend at a music festival in Scranton frolicking about in true hippie fashion (camping in tents and everything...)
  • A girls trip to Hershey to pretend to be a boy band groupie (real groupies are intense!)
  • And so.much.more.

Additionally we’ve got the whole past year to catch up on and the upcoming Fall Frolick Tour to discuss! So much good stuff to come! Get excited!!!! (PS... does anyone know how to spell frolick?)

Lessons Learned

Professional Fun Having is exhausting! I recommend you find a way to win the lottery and quit your job before attempting. Way easier!

Until we meet again, I leave you with this video of my brother and the winner of the Father of the Year award for sure....


  1. 1. I can not BELIEVE your visit to RVA didn't make the "So far this summer has involved...." list. I will not accept being put into the "And so.much.more." catagory. Please update this ASAP.
    2. My mom and I were fb chatting last night and she said "what is with the 55 gallon drum"? When I explained that you had more ambitions than a regular old 'bucket list' could hold, she told me she LOVED it. She thinks you're quite clever.....and may be your newest fan.
    3. I love that you posted the video of Randall NOT causing his infant daughter serious head trauma. Hopefully everyone else will enjoy it as much as I do.

  2. 1. Yes! The trip to RVA definitely checked off a few more things that I didn't even know could be on the 55 Gallon Drum list!! I just cheated and had actually written this post a few days before the trip.

    2. That's convenient because I was already a huge fan of hers :)

    3. Over/under on her first broken bone..... 10 months.