Tuesday, September 4, 2012

#13: Be in a Documentary

(aka that time Ron Howard totally tracked me personally down out of 100K people. Okay maybe not...)

So when I tweeted on Friday that my new goal for the weekend was to get into the Made In America Ron Howard documentary I thought I was just being facetious... At this point I’m convinced The Secret is a real thing. (PS Universe, I’d really like a million dollars. Actually while we’re at it, I’ll take 5, thanks.)

I was attending the Budweiser Made In America festival over Labor Day weekend and it was all over the 
 that Ron Howard would be filming a documentary while he was here.

There are several (well at least one) more posts to come about this weekend but let’s go ahead and get started with this story for now....

One of Time Magazines Top 10 Redheads

I had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Howard Saturday night after day one of the festival but I actually exerted some self control (who knew I had that!!) and avoided a shameless plea for a guest spot in the documentary. I was attempting to seem cooler than I am and I didn’t even ask for a picture! Well Katherine, you’d say, at least the Universe smiled on you and you got to meet him. Now move on and come up with a more realistic goal...

But wait! This story does not end there... Sunday afternoon I headed back to the festival to check out Rita Ora (the fact that I made it back on day 2 in time for the opening act deserves a medal all on it’s own!). It started raining just as soon as I got there and I very much considered hiding out in the tent. I had just spent all that time getting ready...did I really want to ruin in in the first 5 minutes. (Also I was “smart” enough to wear a white shirt to an outdoor concert on a rainy day....)

Next time I'm wearing that shirt!

Thank goodness for my ADD because after 5 minutes of standing around in the tent I was bored and decided to don my free poncho (aka big blue trashbag shamelessly advertising for CID Entertainment) and head out to the stage to watch Rita Ora. My new friends from Saturday (more on them later!) wanted to push through the crowd to the front (as all dedicated festival goers should!) but I was content to frollick about on the outskirts (I hit fewer people when I start throwing bow’s that way).

As all good attention hoggers would, I immediately noticed the camera filming the crowd. This is my chance to be famous! And/or end up on some creepy youtube video. Either way, I’m in. Inner monologue went something like this... 

Don’t look directly at the camera. Look cool. Smile big. Pretend you see something funny and laugh really hard. Take a peek. Are they watching? YESSSSSSS. Shake your hips. Oh wait they can’t see your hips, you’re wearing a trashbag. Bob your head then. Peak over your shoulder. Not watching. Noooooo. Wait! The guy with the release forms is walking this way. Yes... Yes.... YES..... No. NoNoNoNoNo. Where is he going? What? The adorably cute couple over there hiding under their towel in the rain? Noooooooo. Clearly he must just not have understood my awesomeness. I’m going to need to fix this!

I therefore proceeded to forget my self control of the night before and approached said Release Form Guy to ask if he was filming for the documentary and if I I could be in it. He acknowledged that they were and said we did film you but [to the actual production guy with real authority] do you want to use her? 

[Actual production guy]: Stares off into the distance 
Me: :(
Not a documentary winner!

New plan. Rita Ora’s playing “How We Do (Party)” for her final song. A song about partying and bullsh*t. This I can do! Efff the rain, I’m ditching the blue trash bag. Also setting down this Bud Lite Lime. This is my chance. I’m going to need full range of motion.

I then proceeded to wave my hands wildly in the air. (I get excited about partying and bullsh*t. I can’t help it.).

They’re looking this way! Do it! Sing along. Start making hand motions appropriate to the song. That’s always awesome. Smileeeee. Don’t look. Don’t look. Don’t look. Okay just one small peek. Production guy smiled at me! It’s working!!! Booty shake! Booty shake! Booty shake! Laugh at the old ridiculous guy in front of you. Release Form Guy is coming this wayyyy! Wait production guy stopped him. But he’s still filmmminnnngggggg. He just wants MORE of this. Booty shake. Booty shake. Booty shake. Songs coming to an end..... Still filmingggggggg. “We tearing up the town because that’s just how we doooooooo-wooo-woooo-wo”. Song’s over. Sets over. RFG is coming this way!!!

[RFG]: Would you sign this? 
[Me]: Who? Me? Wait you’re filming for a documentary? I had no idea! Sure, I’d love to sign your form. 
[Inner Monologue]: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yes my inner monologue did actually contain all of those extra letters. (My inner monologue is only 5 years old so it’s okay.)

My booty shaking/smiling/laughing life loving display worked!!!! (Well that or the white shirt in the rain....) So now we wait. And check our phone every 30 seconds waiting for the phone call notifying me that not only did I make the cut for the documentary but they were so impressed with my smile and booty shaking that they want to make an entire movie about me. Any minute now. I’m sure of it.

Your move Universe.

Life Lessons

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Or be a little ridiculous sometimes. Or wear a white shirt in the rain.

The white shirt that started it all


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