Wednesday, September 5, 2012

#14: Splurge on the Full VIP Experience

(Aka that time I totally stuck out like a sore thumb)

Seeing as I already checked off Get Upgraded to VIP at a music festival earlier this summer (more on that later), when I bought my tickets for the Made in America Festival I decided to go all out and purchase the VIP package. I know some of you are going to yell at me (I'm looking at you MixTape Festival girls) for purchasing these tickets as opposed to earning them but this was a different list item. This time I wanted to experience the full VIP treatment from start to finish. All I can say is that I will never use the porta-potty of the commoners again...

The Preparation...

Immediately after purchasing the tickets I start freaking out about what I'm going to wear (as any self respecting female would). to the rescue! If you are as lazy and ridiculous as I am and you aren't using Zappos you are missing out! They have an amazingly easy return process, they give you a year to take advantage of it, and as a VIP, I get free next day shipping! I once bought $1,000 in bathing suit options for a Vegas trip and finally got around to returning the $900 worth that I didn't wear 10 MONTHS LATER. Who does that?? (This girl does. That's who. Are you really surprised?)

If you are shocked that I would buy that many bathing suits to try on you might want to stop reading now.... Let's just say that I had a new Zappo's order arrive every day for a week. (And I triggered a fraud alert on my credit card) I'm almost embarrassed to share just how many different items I purchased, tried on 50 different times, paraded around my apartment in, and then sent pictures to all of my friends to evaluate for me... Who am I kidding, I don't do embarrassed. I bought 63 (yup, not a typo...63.) different the stuff I bought in actual stores (obvi a daily shopping trip after work was also necessary that week!)

PS Zappo's I know you love me now but you're about to hate me. Because all but 3 of those items are coming back!
The final result! I thought I looked VIP appropriate for a Jay-Z concert. My friends second grader just thought I looked like I was going to a water park....

Then, as if I wasn't nervous enough, I receive a voicemail a few days before the concert letting me know that they "look forward to seeing Katherine at the show" and "is there anything that she will need?". Holy crap! Did they just leave a voicemail for my people?? Imma need to find me some people before Saturday. (Accepting applications now. Pays in the awesomeness of getting to hang out with me. And in the privilege of answering voicemails about my needs.) Also what kinds of things could I ask for? Are there limits to this? I think I'll call them back and inform them that yes Katherine is looking forward to attending but she will need a 1.2 liter bowl of M&Ms with all of the brown ones removed. Brown is depressing. Reminds her of fall.

I Have People!!

As I walked towards the festival Saturday morning (yes I do consider 2pm on a Saturday, "morning") I am greeted by signs directing me around the lines of regular folks to the super secret back entrance for VIPs. Sweet! I hate lines! At the VIP check in table, they don't even waste my time asking for an ID, I just announce my name and they give me a wristband, my tickets and a welcome letter with the cell number of a personal concierge that I can call or text if I need anything all weekend. I officially have people! (Also apparently VIPs are more trustworthy then the regular folks. New plan for "earning" VIP. Approach VIP table. Announce yourself with a common name - or someone you'd know would be there like Jay-Z. Cross fingers.)

If you know me at all, I'm sure you know where I was headed for my first stop once in the festival.... the open bar! Yup OPEN bar! The bottles of water alone were worth paying for the VIP upgrade, but then you add in an air conditioned lounge tent, open bar, catered meals, and snacks all day.... CID Entertainment, you've made a believer out of me!

Re-used picture from yesterday's post. But it's been re-cropped. Totally counts!
The next stop was a personalized tour of the festival grounds. The stage was set up so that there was a GA admission area in front of the stage, with a raised VIP area a little further back. I actually prefer this. It means that the people at the front are the dedicated ones who showed up as soon as the gates opened and camped out at the front of that stage for the duration of the festival and there's just something about that. (I think it reminds me of how much fun it used to be to camp out for Duke tickets outside of Cole Field House! Stupid online lottery system ruined that fun. One person gets trampled and people get all bent outta shape.) The other thing I love about the VIP viewing area is it ensures I have room to dance! And if you read my post yesterday you'd understand that that dancing needs room to breathe!

The electronic dance tent played host to the other VIP viewing area. Now fully experiencing an electronic dance tent is on my list for sure, but I don't think shaking my booty in the corralled off VIP area really counts. I think I'll save that one for Coachella with my much cooler LA based brother. He'll ensure that I truly experience a dance tent in the way a dance tent is supposed to be done. (How many more times can I say dance tent. DanceTentDanceTentDanceTent)

The Cattle Call

Checking out the area during the tour was nice, but attempting to get back there during Calvin Harris was outta control! The VIP corral (corral really is appropriate here as the dance tent smelled worse then the state fair!) was in the middle of a MOB of thousands of people. The only way in was to push your way through. We lost a friend, a pair of sunglasses, a gallon of sweat, (and probably our dignity) on our way in...but we made it! It was fun to jump about but let me tell you... that place was a sauna! Like the kind of sweat box where you could be standing completely still and sweat will still be pouring down your face. (It occured to me the next day that while I changed into a dress that evening, I attended the after party with all of that sweat and dust still caked on me. Super cute and rosey smelling I'm sure.)

The tour ended in the only air conditioned lounge tent onsite with what was described to me as the BMW of bathrooms. I'll let you judge for yourself... 

Actually a picture of a bathroom. NOT a mirror picture of myself! PS This was inside a trailer!!

All in all the VIP Perks were beyond worth it and if I was a moneybags I'd never go commoner again. But alas, it's at least another 3 weeks before this blog makes me a millionaire. Until then you shall find me mingling amongst the other peasants at the porta-potties. 

Stayed tuned for another post about the new friends I met at the festival and the resulting shenanigans.

Life Lessons

I probably should have learned something about how money doesn't buy but happiness or some such but, nope. All I learned was that you really do get what you pay for and boy can it be fabulous! 

Thanks CID!!

What about you? Have you ever splurged on something you wouldn't normally spend the money for? Are you an obsessive compulsive shopper when it comes to planning for a big event?

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